5 Reasons Mexico is Perfect for This Winter Travel Season

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Firstly, let me just say Mexico is awesome! I haven’t been to all the parts of Mexico that tend to qualify as a great vacation destination, but I have visited the country numerous times and it’s always been a very pleasant experience.

I have had clients travel to Mexico since Covid has become our new reality, and they had a seamless experience. Now that the return testing requirement is gone, it’s better than ever to go! Here are 5 reasons I think this is one of the most appealing destinations you could consider this coming winter.

#1 Affordability

Mexico, most especially destinations that you’d get to via the Cancun Airport, is quite affordable for most any budget. The people of Mexico are so amazingly friendly, warm, and welcoming, and with the incredible number of amazing resorts, the gorgeous weather and surroundings, you nearly can’t go wrong on resort.

#2 That Normal Feeling

Other travelers and travel advisor colleagues of mine who have been to the area report it has that vibe like things are mostly back to normal (although the cleaning protocols are higher than ever, of course), which is refreshing in today’s world of distancing and staying home so much.

#3 Tons of Flights

There are few tropical international destinations that have as much airlift in and out of the United States as the Cancun airport. There are a lot of non-stop flights too, if you don’t want to spend a whole day traveling and live near a non-stop hub. There are so many that do this route. And often.

#4 Stunning Resorts & Valuable Services

The all-inclusive model flourishes in Mexico’s Cancun & Riviera Maya areas with probably thousands but definitely hundreds of options. While they may not all be the top of all things fabulous, you’ve got a really huge selection of very, very nice properties within the same budget as you’d do a week in the US at a beach when you calculate in food, transportation, etc. Want to find out more? Let me know.

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#5 Covid Protocols Easy Breezy!

Since Mexico has so much travel coming in and out, all the service providers are extremely adept at helping American travelers with any questions or concerns. For fully vaccinated travelers, as of the writing of this article:

  • No quarantine is required.
  • No proof of negative pre-departure COVID-19 test is required to enter Mexico.
  • No visa required to enter Mexico.

So it’s pretty easy now!

Ready to plan some Magic in Mexico?

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