5 Quick Tips for Traveling with Children

Let Them Help: Involve kids in planning decisions, have them write their own packing lists, or assign them something to carry during the ​​trip.

Something Old, Something New: Bringing something familiar, like a favorite blanket or stuffed animal can be comforting. Pack a new toy or game and save it as a surprise for when your child starts to get restless along the way.

Know Their Limits: Be realistic about how much travel time or how many planned activities your kids can handle. Make sure to have a balanced amount of unstructured down time.

Get in Shape: If your family isn’t used to doing a lot of walking, spending the day at an amusement park or touring a city will be exhausting. Build your endurance by taking family walks before the trip.

Be Flexible: Sticking to a plan is great, but if you sense it’s just not working for your family, don’t be afraid to improvise.

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