4 Reasons to Work with a Travel Agent

Lawyers. Plumbers. Electricians. Mechanics. Realtors. We often turn to professionals to help us navigate plans, problems, and complex processes.

Travel agents are professionals too! We spend countless hours educating ourselves and growing as business owners in our industry, using our knowledge and expertise to craft memorable vacations for our clients.

Here are four reasons why trips planned by travel professionals benefit you.

#1 We Bring Dreams to Life

Travel agents are passionate about helping you see the world. As adventurers who also love planning our own trips, we know that there are fewer things more precious than vacation time spent with family and friends! We know you have vacations you have been dreaming about, and we can’t wait to work with you to bring them to life.

#2 We are Logistics Managers

Planning a vacation with a travel agent saves you hours of research because you’ll enjoy the perks of our extensive training, numerous travel agent trips and personal vacations, and the relationships we have with our trusted suppliers. We know how to create smart itineraries, combine destinations, and make your trip truly work.

#3 We are Part of a Large Network of Industry Experts

We have immense knowledge and firsthand experience to help you decide which destination, cruise line, or resort is best for you, but we constantly consult with those in our vast network to help one another on behalf of our clients. This means that when you work with a travel agent, you have the support and care of many other travel agents, too! We are constantly sharing our reviews, experiences, and recommendations with one another to better serve our clients.

#4 The Human Connection Before, During, and After Travel

As travel agents, we don’t just provide answers. We ask plenty of questions too! That’s so we can get to know you, your vacation style, and your preferences for your next trip. This makes us much more powerful than a search engine!

#5 You’re Not Just a Number

Another major perk for you? You have one person dedicated to you and your travel plans. This means no being bounced around a call center, no waiting on endless holds, and no feeling like “you’re just another booking number in their system.” We develop relationships with our clients, and genuinely care about you and your travels!

This is just the start of the care we provide for our clients. We take the hassle and guesswork out of your vacation – and ensure you have the most memorable vacation possible.

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