4 New cruise Ships Debuted!

Can you believe it’s June already? The kids are getting out of school, and the days are moving towards thoughts and plans for vacation, summer camps, and all that good stuff. Our daughter graduates this Saturday, so we’re busy getting ready for company this week! Then we are headed to the Smoky Mountains for a family vacation – so watch below for the dates I’ll be out!

I am reminded of our family trip where we went to the Altun-Ha Mayan ruins in the Yucatan in Mexico. Thinking about these memories is a lot of fun (although my mom had a bum knee at the time and couldn’t join us on the upward hike), I’m always excited to make NEW ones!

So, I thought it would be fun to check out the newest cruise ships sailing the seas and rivers this week! Do you want to sail on one of these awesome new ships?

Have a great week! -Sandy

4 New Cruise Ships Debuted!

2 Ocean Ships & 2 River Ships – Check it out!

AmaLea by AmaWaterways

There are always a tremendous amount of new ships being built and christened constantly, and the river cruise lines are no exception to the rule! There are at least 18 new river cruise ships anticipated to be ready to sail in 2018, and probably even more ocean ships.

AmaWaterways AmaLea

Pictured above is the new AmaLea by AmaWaterways. AmaWaterways may not be as well known as Viking, but if you love your luxury, and prefer a MORE inclusive experience, this line is worth checking out!

AmaLea holds an exclusive 154 guests, with suites of 350 sq ft, and this ship is especially interesting if you want to go on a multi-generational trip with even some triple occupancy and connecting staterooms, not always easy to find on a European River cruise. She also features multiple wine venues, a heated sun deck swimming pool, a swim-up bar, and much more. This ship will begin her first year doing 7-night Danube cruises and 4 Christmas market sailings by the end of the year.

MSC Seaside

Next on our tour of new ships is the MSC Seaside. Many people are not familiar with MSC (stands for Mediterranean style cruising), but they are making a big push to get into the American cruise market. The experiences that people have had with MSC vary quite a bit. Many folks have not had the typical American cruise experience with MSC, rather a more European one. Whether they will gain the affections of the American market is to be seen… With that said, they DO make some amazingly gorgeous ships. Check this one out:

MSC Cruises – Seaside

The Seaside’s incredible amenities, onboard activities, and more can be viewed here. They are well known for attracting a largely European clientele and having fantastic entertainment.

Crystal Debussy

Next on our tour of the newest cruise ships is the Crystal Debussy, sailing the Rhine and Moselle Rivers on 7-10 day itineraries. Check out this beauty:

Crystal Debussy

Only a very intimate 104 guests can board the Crystal Debussy for a sailing. Crystal River Cruises are for more sophisticated tastes… This is definitely one of the most luxurious floating hotels in Europe! Their ships are all-suites, which means you always have a great room.

Norwegian Bliss

And last, but certainly not least, we have the beast! Norwegian Cruise Line’s Bliss was inaugurated recently, and I even had some friends on the inaugural sailing out on the west coast. She was designed for Alaska!

Norwegian Bliss

This is an incredible ship for Alaska… it is designed just for it. You can check it out by clicking right here! You might have noticed I mentioned go-karts at sea in my subject line? Yes, this ship has that! Right on top! Click on the photo of the racetracks at sea to see it in action!

One more bonus photo for this ship – check out this amazing observation lounge:

So, from 100 passengers to the incredible 4,000 guests who may board the Bliss, the cruise industry is definitely growing. If you haven’t taken your first ocean or river cruise yet, and you’re ready to start the planning, I’m here to help!

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