3 Tips for Flying with Gifts

This is one of the busiest seasons of the year for air travel, and chances are, you’ll be traveling with gifts. Packing presents so they make it to your destination in one piece (but without causing slowdowns at security checkpoints) can be a struggle.

These tricks will help you tackle your luggage woes and glide through those long security lines.

Tip #1: Be careful when packing

Since many items are prohibited in carry-on bags, be sure to check the complete TSA list so your gifts won’t be confiscated at security. A few of these items include bottles of wine, snow globes, certain types of tools, and some sports equipment.

Tip #2: Don’t wrap your gifts


Although TSA allows wrapped gifts in both carry-ons and checked bags, if they spot something suspicious it might be opened. It’s generally better to wrap gifts once you arrive at your destination.

Tip #3: Opt for gift bags instead

Rather than worrying about your gift wrap, pack gift bags and tissue paper in your luggage since these items pack flat and add very little bulk and weight to your suitcase. Gift assembly upon arrival is quick and simple.

Make your travel wish list and check it twice – then we’ll plan together so you can travel somewhere nice!

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