3 “Golden Rules” for Fall Travel Planning

Normal vacation is no longer a thing. With the Covid spreading more, many question whether to travel this fall or winter 2021. Here are 3 very important considerations in our current situation.

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#1 Travel Decision by Health Status

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According to the CDC, unvaccinated people & the immunocompromised should not leave the country – but they also advise avoiding Level 4 countries, which change continuously.

#2 Ever Changing Rules Vs. Steady

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Mexico & the Caribbean seem to be the most steady place to go in terms of entry requirements. With the EU changing rules day by day, it’s hard to know what they will do next. That could disrupt vacation plans.

#3 Insurance & Cancellation Policies

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Travel with Travel Insurance and with cancellations that are highly flexible or refundable.
33% of flights in July were delayed due to the Covid-19 travel restrictions, and it is recommended to purchase a strong travel insurance policy.

While your credit card or airline might offer something, as your advocate I am more than happy to review and help you know what questions to ask providers about coverage. Some policies may exclude pandemic-related issues, and some might allow them. Cancel for any reason is especially advisable.

Today’s travel considerations are tougher than ever, but luckily, your Travel Professional at Easy Breezy Journeys is staying up to date! I know where to find the latest information that’s credible and most accurate, and am here to help you from start to safe return home from your trip. Contact me with my questions or concerns or to start planning at Sandy@EasyBreezyJourneys.com.

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