13 Things to Add to Your New Packlist

Travel in a world after COVID-19 may look a bit different than before, here are 13 things you might need to add to your packlist if you have one you’re currently using from before. If you’re months or even a year overdue for your vacation, you may need to add on your pack list. As you dust off your suitcases and carry-ons, don’t forget to pack these essentials to keep you healthy and happy during your next getaway!

Masks…and plenty of extras for everyone!
Find your most comfortable masks and pack extras for throughout your vacation!

Hand sanitizer
Whether you prefer spray or squeeze, make sure all members of the family have access to sanitizer for a quick clean-up before and after meals and activities.

Antibacterial wipes for hands
While many people prefer sanitizer sprays and gels, wipes are lightweight and easily packable, perfect for little hands and adult hands alike.

Disinfectant wipes
Use disinfectant wipes to clean armrests, seatbelt buckles, and trays on the airplane.

Smartphone UV sanitizer
It is a more costly item, but UV sanitizers are growing in popularity for cleaning smartphones.

Ziploc bags
Ziploc bags have so many uses when traveling, especially if you pack different sizes. Use for holding toiletries, storing wet swimsuits, packing small items such as socks or underwear, or saving leftover food at theme parks. A Ziploc makes a great trash bag when flying – add your items throughout the journey and zip and toss at the end. Label one “clean” and one “dirty” for family masks.

Travel detergent
Doing a bit of sink laundry can come in handy on vacation, particularly now that everyone is traveling with masks.

Travel-sized packs of tissue prevent unnecessary visits to the bathroom and can help handle germy surfaces (like doorknobs) in a pinch.

Travel blanket and pillow
If you have a long flight ahead, many airlines are no longer offering pillows or blankets, so be sure to pack your own.

The sun is more intense in tropical locations. Protect yourself with a broad-spectrum sunscreen. A brimmed hat and sunglasses are also good ways to protect yourself from the sun!

Medications and basic first aid items
Check and double-check that you have all prescription and OTC medications you might need during your trip. Keep items in original containers and never store them in your checked bags. Taking along some general first aid items, such as ointments or band-aids is also helpful!

Packing cubes
Last but not least, packing cubes help organize your luggage so nicely. Purchase a few sets and color-code the members of your family, making unpacking a breeze!​​

When you plan your next vacation with me, sharing packing tips is just one service I offer! We will discuss your destination and the​​​​ items you will need to make your trip happy and healthy!

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