11 Anti-Theft Items To Secure Your Travel

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Before heading on your trip, consider your options on anti-theft travel bags, suitcases & more. There are many ideas and products out there. Here’s a bit about some of them.

1. Anti-Theft Purse or Handbag

These have safety and anti-theft features designed into them, such as locks, zippers with clasps to hold them shut, secret or concealed compartments, and slash-proof or slash-resistant straps or exterior fabric (hidden between the outer and inner layers). The secret pockets let you store something like a passport, in the very bottom where you can’t easily find it. Some great examples of these are *the Baggallini Securtex Anti-theft Activity Crossbody Bag, Travelon Anti-theft Classic Slim Double Zip Crossbody Bag, Travelon Women’s Anti Theft Classic Messenger Bag in Black, Travelon Anti Theft Classic Mini Shoulder Bag in Black for those who are purse carriers, and for the guys, the Travelon Anti-Theft Courier Small Travel Bag, Waterfly Small Crossbody Sling Backpack Anti Theft Backpack for Traveling Chest Shoulder Bag, Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Tour Bag, or the Travelon Anti-theft Classic Sling Bag.

Here’s a great example of how not to carry your valuables when traveling in a city away from home (or maybe near your home, depends I suppose!)

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2. Money Belts

Money Belts are a classic way to protect your valuable flat items, it’s kind of like a flat fanny pack that you place near your front waistline that has zippers and you can often hide it by covering it with your top. Some examples: Alpha Keeper Money Belt, Ryaco Money Belt

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3. Neck Wallet

Neck wallets are great if you don’t like money belts, you just hang it around your neck and under your shirt. Lewis N Clark RFID Blocking Stash Neck Wallet Travel Pouch and Passport Holder for Women or Men

4. Bra Stash

Bra stashes are great for ladies – it can go on the side or middle of your bra. *Here’s one to check out: Pacsafe Coversafe S25 Hidden Undercover Travel Bra Pouch

5. Other Stash Items

Unisex stash for various locations – *Unisex Travelon Rfid Blocking Clip Stash Pouch.

6. Multiple Wallets

Consider traveling with more than one wallet. Put some money in one wallet, and more money in the better-hidden one. This way if you were robbed/mugged, you can hand over the wallet with little money in it. You can also use this as a way to prevent larger theft in a less-than-moderate hotel/motel to disguise your real wallet by putting a fake one with a $20 bill and a fake credit card around your room. I’ve heard of this happening in Central America when the person put all their real valuables tucked away hidden in their luggage, as it was a grab and go situation. My advice is to not stay in such places, but to each his or her own! 🙂

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7. Luggage that Locks

Lockable luggage: backpacks and suitcases all come in lockable forms, and this is a great idea. With that said, someone can just take an entire bag, so another tip is to consider taking valuables with you, depending how secure your hotel room feels, or just don’t take it. Here’s a great set of 4 with different colors with amazing reviews: TSA Approved Travel Combination Locks.

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8. Cross-Body Bags

Choose cross-body bags for purses and day bags, and wear it across the body, which prevents the whole bag from being easily taken.

9. Carabiners

Carabiners are great to secure valuables such as a wallet to your belt loop. They might be typically used for climbing, but they can be handy in other spots too! Here’s a link to some of the S-biners you might like: Keyring Tiny S-biner Carabiners.

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10. Lanyards

Lanyards can also be a gem. Attach one to your day bag or purse – even when using the items – to keep someone from easily taking your items. If your bag doesn’t have a latch or hook, you can simply take a safety pin, attach it to the bag inside, and attach the lanyard to it. This also helps you not accidentally leave things behind. Here’s a very strong one designed for not breaking in rough situations: Heavy Duty Braided 550 Paracord Neck Lanyard Keychain.

11. Phone Protection

Strapping your phone isn’t an obvious how to. You can purchase a special case. I prefer a finger loop/stand case myself, but some don’t like those. An idea I came across is to take a sturdy case, which should have a spot where the speaker or charger hole in the case is located, and you can use a strap from another device or old camera to strap your phone securely to your body or bag. Here’s an attachment lanyard you can use for this: Universal Cell Phone Lanyard for Phone.

These may not 100% protect you from every possible theft, but they will certainly make it harder to be stolen from – and that’s sometimes all you really need.

*Please note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases of linked products in this blog post. With that said, I only post them for your benefit to make it easier to find the products I’m referring to and it does help support my small family business. Thank you.

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