Similar to the pumpkins that are being harvested this time of year, cruises come in all different shapes and sizes. But how do you know which one to pick?

In the pumpkin patch, kids of all ages choose a pumpkin based upon which is the largest that will triumph all others. Or maybe they select the one that they think will fit their design ideas. But if you ask why they picked the ones they did, most of the time kids have an off-the-wall reason.

When it comes time to choose your cruise, how do you pick? Sometimes clients call me and say “I need a cruise that fits my family or fits my hobbies.” Possibly they’re selecting according to their past experiences. And sometimes I receive a call where my clients say “I don’t know what we want or need, but I know we need a vacation!”

You shouldn’t just pick according to a whim, like a kid picking a pumpkin! The best way to choose which type of cruise fits you is identifying which type of cruiser you are. Answer the 5 questions below to discover which cruiser type fits you:

1. Have you cruised before?

Yes: If you answered “Yes, I have cruised before,” keep going, you’re cruiser type is below!

No: My response often is “Why?” Some answer that they prefer an adults-only experience. Other times, I hear that clients “don’t want to be confined to a boat.” Since the evolution of cruises, there’s ships that are the size of small cities and there’s more intimate sizes, too! If you haven’t cruised, I’m sure I can find an itinerary just right for you!

2. If you have a family, an you imagine cruising without the kids?

No: If you answered, “No, I couldn’t cruise without my kids,” you’re a family cruiser! You find the most fun in cruising with the whole gang. Your kids, both young and older, find joy in the fun onshore and onboard. The whole family has something to enjoy and that makes your heart smile. There’s so much to see in the world, and cruising provides an incredible, new experience with every sailing.

Yes: If you answered, “Yes, I cruise without my kids,” I totally understand. You don’t have to vacation with the kiddos every time! Your type of cruiser is described in a different category.

3. Do you prioritize an evening of wine tasting or singing along to classic tunes at the piano bar?

Yes: You may be a refined cruiser! A refined cruiser enjoys the cruise line’s partnerships with expert chefs and renowned musical performers. These additional amenities speak to your desire for high-level experiences onboard. These options, along with incredible spa selections and cultural ports of call, bring class to the high seas for travelers like you.

No: If this doesn’t sound like you, and you’re still searching for your cruise type, no worries! We have a category of cruiser for you.

4. Do​​​ sandy ports and sea days keep you from cruising?

Yes: If you respond with an instant “Yes!” you may be more suited for a river cruise. River cruises are one of the best ways for travelers to experience more rich destinations while only unpacking once! River cruises offer enriching tours of famous sites. Then, you sail while enjoying your evening with a lovely glass of wine and a peaceful night’s sleep, so you have the most time to explore the next city! There’s a huge variety of river cruises. Many options have inclusions or even an a la carte itinerary to accommodate all cruisers!

5. Do you feel like you fit in more than one category mentioned?

If you don’t discriminate against any particular type of cruise, you may be a cruise fanatic! (It’s ok— I am too!) Chances are you’re itching to set sail again, and I can’t wait to help you make it happen. Every time you hear of a new ship or onboard experience, you can’t wait to enjoy the new features. I’m in the same boat! (Literally, let’s get on the same boat!)

No matter which type of cruiser you are, there’s a ship and sailing for you. Next year’s sailing are available and ready for reservations. Now is the best time to get your deposits down because rates are low and there’s plenty of inventory to pick from.

Don’t just pick a cruise like a little one choosing a pumpkin. Let’s pick a cruise for you together with strategy to find the one that fits you and your guests. If you’re still having trouble finding which type of cruiser you are, just reach out to me! I’m sure together we’ll find the perfect fit for your style! Just reach out by call or text to 704-625-6662 or Email me at to get started!