Traveling gives us the opportunity to reconnect with the experiences we are passionate about, from trying new foods to hiking new trails. It also gives us the chance to step away from the stresses of home and work, to put our feet up, and indulge in some much needed relaxation. For so many of us, this year’s travel plans were interrupted or delayed. Some plans never even made it on the calendar. While we long to travel again, it’s important that you are comfortable and confident about taking your next adventure. When will that be? Take this quiz to see

What type of trip are you dreaming about lately?
a. I’ll go anywhere that isn’t my home.
b. I’m thinking a beach vacation or maybe a road trip!
c. I want to check off an epic destination from my bucket list.

What’s holding you back from taking a vacation?
a. I can’t decide where to go next!
b. I’m waiting for the right time for my family’s school/work schedule.
c. My dream destination isn’t open to travelers right now.

Are you worried about your safety and health when traveling?
a. No, I have read up on the latest policies, and I plan to follow all the rules.
b. A little, I need more information on how to travel safely.
c. Yes, I feel it’s important to be cautious and prepared before traveling again.

What do you like most about traveling?
a. The rush I get the moment we arrive!
b. Making memories together!
c. Learning about a new place, then seeing it in person!

How far in advance do you tend to make your plans for travel?
a. Less than 6 months
b. 6 months to a year
c. More than 1 year

What does traveling mean to you?
a. Traveling is my passion. It keeps me sane in hard times.
b. Traveling is about spending time together and relaxing.
c. Traveling is an opportunity for once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Which item do you always pack?
a. A portable phone charger
b. Sunscreen
c. A guide book

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