Fees are a necessary part of any transactions. While we do our best to avoid charging them where possible, sometimes it is a reality. Please review the below in full, and let us know if you have any questions before working with us. We want you to have amazing travel experiences with all the support & guidance you need.

Planning Fees

In order to make sure that we can take the best care possible to each of my valuable client’s vacation plans (and dollars and time off work), at select times, we implement a professional planning fee, which will vary depending on the time involved with the details of your individual trip, and I will only take on a select number of departures for each month. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected every industry, person, & family on the planet. Very important travel considerations & regulations are ever-changing, & likely will continue, so in order to make sure I can dedicate more than ample time to attend to your concerns, questions, and educate you fully on any travel requirements or details.

Once the consultation is completed (and in some cases I might need to do some preliminary work before I can quote this for you), I will provide your travel fee cost via email, based on the type of trip you want to plan, & if you would like to work with me from there, you can simply submit payment for your fee, & your spot will be reserved! Whether you’re ready to book that vacation now, or hold off a bit for any reason (whether availability or otherwise), you will have the option to do so.

FAQs about Fees:
How much is a planning fee? While they do not apply to every trip, the average or more basic trip would be $150-250 per traveler but can go up, depending on complexity. When you schedule a complimentary consultation, there is no obligation to book, and I’ll outline the fee before you decide if you wish to work with me on this particular trip.
-Is the fee refundable? The fee is not refundable.
What does the planning fee cover? The fee is to reserve your spot in my calendar up to 2 years in advance so that I may dedicate the time and care needed to protect your vacation investment of time and money when you take time from your life and put money down on a trip for yourself and your family, friends, or group. 
-Are there any change fees? This really depends on the complexity involved in changing your trip. The supplier (resort, booking platform, or cruise line for example) often charges fees to make changes to names, dates, and more. Sometimes, if a change process involves a lot of communication & follow up, and it becomes more than ordinary, we may need to charge a $100 change fee, but it is not often this is necessary.