Destination Spotlight: Costa Rica

Surfing the waves of the Pacific as the sun gently dips below the horizon. Climbing rainforest trails, spotting wildlife along the way. Popping into a soda (a local diner-type establishment serving traditional Costa Rican food) to feast on casado, a heaping plate of rice, beans, salad, and perhaps meat. Submerging your weary bones in the hot springs near Arenal Volcano.

Costa Rica is a destination that, once in your heart, calls you back time and again. Pura vida isn’t just the country’s primary greeting – it’s a lifestyle. When visiting as a tourist, you enjoy a taste of pura vida – the country’s simple, happy way of living that embraces gratitude and a positive outlook. If your family craves a change of pace, Costa Rica might be your next perfect vacation destination.


Come for the Adventure, the Wildlife, or the Sun & Beaches! These are Costa Rica’s essential experiences. Migrating birds of over 5 million types pass through Costa Rica every year. While best known for its rainforests, Costa Rica has more than 6,700 marine species! With both eastern & western ocean coastlines, you’re sure to have every opportunity to see amazing marine life. Everything from turtles to jaguars live in Costa Rica.


Another reason many flock to Costa Rica’s rich shorelines is for the wellness experiences, to spend time with their family, and of course, for the sun & beaches!

Imagine yourself surrounded by lush rainforests, soaking up the sunshine on pristine beaches, and breathing in the fresh air. This isn’t just a vacation, it’s a total detox for your mind, body, and soul! Costa Rica is all about “Pura Vida” – the good life. Disconnect to reconnect in Costa Rica! Imagine easy hikes, breathing fresh forest air, and delicious local food. Relax with spa treatments and enjoy healthy lunches. Let’s get you rejuvenated!

As for fun in the sun, Costa Rica boasts gorgeous beaches, over 600 in all! With Pacific and Caribbean options, all within easy reach of the capital, you can find your perfect spot for relaxation, recreation, or sports. Many beaches are natural and uncrowded, offering a true escape.

A few tips for the Costa Rica beaches:

  • Relax and unwind with peace of mind! Many beaches have secure lockers or areas to keep your belongings safe while you soak up the sun.
  • Sunscreen is your best friend! Pack a reef-safe, high SPF sunscreen to keep your skin protected and glowing throughout your trip.
  • Double the fun, double the safety! While Costa Rica’s waters are inviting, consider swimming with a buddy or asking about lifeguard presence. Local authorities can also provide valuable insights about current beach conditions.
  • Safety first! Be sure to check the beach flags for any warnings before diving in.
  • Let the experts guide you! If you’re new to surfing, don’t hesitate to book a lesson with a qualified instructor. They’ll help you catch waves safely and make the most of your time on the water.

Costa Rica is an adventure paradise! Volcanoes, rainforests, cloud forests – it’s a nature lover’s dream. And the activities? Endless! Think whitewater rafting, windsurfing turquoise waves, diving into coral reefs, kayaking through lush landscapes, or reeling in a big one on a fishing trip. The hardest part will be choosing what to do first!


Costa Rica is a playground for adventurers! Imagine yourself surrounded by majestic volcanoes, lush rainforests that reach for the clouds, and cascading waterfalls that tumble into crystal-clear rivers. It’s no wonder you’ll have a hard time choosing what to do first! Do you crave the thrill of whitewater rafting through churning rapids? Perhaps you dream of catching the perfect wave on a pristine beach. Maybe exploring the underwater world with vibrant coral reefs is your idea of paradise. The good news? Costa Rica offers all this and more – windsurfing, kayaking through calm waters, or even reeling in a trophy fish on a local fishing adventure. Get ready for an unforgettable experience in the heart of Central America!

With so much fun to be had in Costa Rica, why not consider it as your next vacation? Your only problem will be deciding which fun adventures to take!

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