When traveling, it’s much easier to have an app at your fingertips than having to search, find, and manage a browser on your phone, so with that in mind, here are 5 apps or app types you might want to download before your next adventure!

Photo Courtesy of KHM Travel Group

#1 Communication 
This is key. An app like WhatsApp is one of my favorites. It works on WiFi and lets you text or talk! Also you can more easily send photos and such, plus you can see if the person you are communicating with has or has not seen your message. I love it! I used it in Israel and on my most recent cruise! 

#2 Transportation for Travel
Whether it’s public transportation such as a subway or rideshare/taxi services, having the transportation apps ready to go ahead of time is wise. You never know how your signal will be when you approach the options in a given city or country. For ride-share this means Uber and Lyft, and for public transportation think about station locations, fares, timetables, and route planning. 

Photo Courtesy of KHM Travel Group

#3 Health Verification Apps
This one is rather new, & you may or may not have heard about it.  Many airlines are implementing health verification apps, such as VeriFLY to help arrange/collect vaccination status, health declarations, and test results for travel. This may also even save you time waiting in an additional line for such human verification. 

#4 Airline App
Most, if not all, airlines have their own apps these days. Great for checking in 24 hours before your flight, gate changes, updates, delays, and more. Grab them! 

Photo Courtesy of KHM Travel Group

#5 Maps
This one is a classic. I love and recommend Google maps. You can use Google maps for some public transportation too, but if you’re renting a car this is good.  This is also helpful related to attraction tickets, hours, and even restaurant reviews!
Tip: Many apps offer an offline version allowing you to download maps in advance, so you can access them during times you don’t have a cellular data connection.Google it if you’re not sure how!  Great in case of a bad signal. 

What are YOUR favorite travel apps? I am thrilled that the world is reopening to travelers, and can’t wait to send you out exploring again! Whether you’re planning for a family vacation in 2021 or looking ahead to 2022, I am here for you. You can email me at Sandy@EasyBreezyJourneys.com or Call/Text to 704-625-6662 to get in touch or CLICK HERE to fill out a Vacation Questionnaire to get started!