3 Tips for Holiday Flights

The airport can be a stressful place at any time of year, but with so many travelers preparing to jet-set during the holidays, it can be chaotic.

Keep your cool with these suggestions:

Tip #1 – Book airport parking early.

Securing a parking spot well in advance of your trip is important not only for availability, but also for parking spot location and sometimes even overall cost.

Tip #2: Arrive (really) early – and/or use TSA Pre-Check / Global Entry

Give yourself plenty of time to check in, check luggage, and go through security. It’s always better to be lounging at your gate than sprinting for it.

TSA Pre-check lets you use the “express lane” of airport security here in the US, and Global entry is absolutely lovely when returning from an international trip at a major airport that has Global Entry set up (many do). If you’d like to see if your local airports have it, you can check with the US Department of State by checking here.

Tip #3: Decide if you really need checked luggage or if you can get by with just carry-on bags

I have yet to personally manage just a carry on for more than a couple of days, it’s true, but it’s usually easier to travel with carry-on bags only, especially with connecting flights or a desire to avoid a crowded baggage claim. In some cases, however, a checked bag might make more sense. Freeing up hands for traveling with small children, a ticket that doesn’t include a carry-on bag, or higher carry-on bag fees are just a few reasons to consider checking your luggage.

Make your travel wish list and check it twice – then we’ll plan together so you can travel somewhere nice!

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