3 Cruise Myths… Busted!

We are sailing into a new year, and with that comes an exciting time for cruise vacations! The cruise industry is booming, and passengers are thrilled to plan their 2024-2025 itineraries and start dreaming about onboard fun and port adventures.

3 Common Cruise Myths

Myth #1: I’ll get bored quickly. Today’s ships boast endless entertainment in the form of live music and performances, swimming pools and waterparks, ice skating, rock climbing, miniature golfing, games and trivia, tours and lectures, and more. Lively sea days combined with adventurous port days make for an incredibly fun vacation.

Myth #2: I’ll feel confined. Ships are designed to feel spacious, ensuring that no matter the size of the ship, passengers have ample room to stretch out and enjoy their surroundings. For the same feel in a stateroom, booking an oceanview or balcony allows for natural light and additional square footage.

Myth #3: I’ll feel out of place. It doesn’t matter if you’re setting sail for family fun, happily honeymooning, or celebrating your golden years…there is a cruise ship and itinerary perfect for you.

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